Background checks are customized according to your company’s needs, risk tolerances and culture.  Some companies require strict background checks such as banks and law firms, whereas others can tolerate varying degrees of risk when hiring such as warehouses and some types of distribution facilities.  It is always best to design a program that fits your needs.

For example:

Do your staff have access to sensitive client information such as credit cards or executive admins?

In these cases, you may wish to check credit history to be sure the person does not have financial pressures.

Are you hiring engineers or IT specialists who may have access to your intellectual property?

In this case you may wish to check that these employees or contractors do not have federal convictions for IP theft.

There are many areas to consider and we are happy to provide security and risk-based advice. Feel free to contact us to discuss your special and unique situations.

The table below provides a basic outline of background components and levels that are most frequently requested:

Employment Screening Services

The following table shows typical Background Check Levels (routine employment type backgrounds).  Component types and levels can be changed easily at any time.

To make sure the program meets your unique needs please Contact Us.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Social Security Trace & Address red checkmark 40.fw red checkmark 40.fw red checkmark 40.fw
Criminal History red checkmark 40.fw red checkmark 40.fw red checkmark 40.fw
Employment Verification red checkmark 40.fw red checkmark 40.fw red checkmark 40.fw
Driving History red checkmark 40.fw red checkmark 40.fw red checkmark 40.fw
Education Verification red checkmark 40.fw red checkmark 40.fw
Federal Criminal History red checkmark 40.fw red checkmark 40.fw
Credit History red checkmark 40.fw

Numerous additional public records searches are available and are recommended for Executive level hires and those with senior level financial and fiduciary responsibilities. Learn more about our Executive Due Diligence Background Checks.

Concerned about threats of violence in the workplace?

Please see our section on Workplace Violence Risk Management.

Infortal’s Double Guarantee


Infortal is the only company in the background checking industry to offer this double guarantee:

Infortal guarantees that the information provided is reported 100% accurately from the source.

We also provide a 100% guarantee that we the correct identity of your candidate (not some-one else of the same name).

Additionally we are one of the very few background checking companies that have no false positives or false negative results. Zero.

These differences mean that we guarantee that you have the correct results every single time!

  • Status Updates – 3 business days

  • Ongoing Updates – Daily updates posted as new information is received

  • Final Reports – 8 business days, or sooner, for all reports with both 100% accuracy guaranteed and 100% identity confirmation guaranteed.

No other company in the Consumer Reporting industry offers both guarantees.

Background Check Turnaround Times

We recommend realistically that you allow 4 to 5 business days for most background check files to complete.

This includes a detailed criminal history that is accurate, in compliance with FCRA regulations, up-to-date, and includes your candidate’s correct identity.

Some background checks take longer

Archived court records and employers or universities that take longer to respond in some cases can extend the time it takes to get the correct information.

Companies claiming they can always produce criminal results in less than 72 hours are not being realistic as many criminal records are archived by the court after 18 months.

In such cases, no company can guarantee a 72-hour turnaround unless they use databases to support their claims – it pays to read their contract’s fine print!

You can login to your personalized dashboard on Infortal PrescreenTM – our SaaS platform – at any time to see results and updates.

  • No Set-Up Fees

  • No Hidden Costs

  • Secure Website

  • Easy to use

  • Detailed Reports

  • Easy to read & understand

  • E-mail updates

  • Expert Advice by Infortal

Human Resources Policy Development

Infortal Worldwide will work closely with your legal counsel and HR staff to develop policies related to background screening. We can help you develop an effective screening policy that is useful, practical and easy to use.

Adjudicated Results

Hire/no hire guidelines can be developed to help you manage your employment program and help adjudicate results uniformly.

Infortal’s guidelines provide easy-to-follow directions for evaluating & adjudicating background and create a great starting point for dialog around hiring issues. Thus leaving only the more complex situations, which may need a panel review.

We provide hands-on assistance to explain the details of complex background check results so that your team can make informed decisions.

Every company has a different culture: these guidelines can easily be customized to accommodate your corporate culture and hire/no hire decision points.

Annual Training

Infortal provides complimentary annual training to all registered clients. This session takes approximately 1 hour to review:

  • Your Employment Program Content

  • Easy access to Infortal GlobalCheckTM – our SaaS platform

  • Examples & Case Studies

  • Statistical Summaries of Information Found

  • Significance of Results

  • Discussion Q&A

  • State & Federal Laws

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