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For over 35 years, Infortal has saved thousands of companies from costly and embarrassing hiring mistakes. We help companies from start-ups to Fortune 100’s to minimize their corporate liability exposure and mitigate business risks.


  • We are by far the most accurate background checking company in the industry today.

  • We consistently save you from difficult hiring situations, poor hiring decisions, and help you prevent damaging business issues such as negligent hiring lawsuits.

  • We help you minimize your corporate liability exposure.

  • Providing you with fast, friendly and easy to use service; we take the complexity out of screening employee backgrounds leaving you time to focus on your core business goals and increase profitability.

  • Infortal uses up-to-date criminal court records and guarantees that these are results for your candidate, resulting in zero false positives and zero false negatives.

Best Practices Background Checks

Best Practices Employment Screening: We are Your Partners In Excellence

Infortal specializes in Best Practices employment screening programs that are far more accurate and detailed than those offered by most other companies in the Consumer Reporting industry today.

Infortal’s Best Practices approach provides you with two 100% guarantees:

  1. 100% Guarantee of Correct Identity: UNIQUE TO INFORTAL

    Many companies simply pull court house records & other data from various sources but do not determine whether the data pulled is accurate. Infortal Worldwide’s program provides a 100% guarantee that the resulting background information that we provide belongs to your applicant, rather than to someone else with the same or very similar name.

  2. 100% Guarantee of Correct Reporting From Source:

    Additionally we 100% guarantee that the information reported from the source is correct or your money back.

We include at no extra cost: a summary of conviction information directly from the court’s record: including summary of offense, charges, conviction details, sentencing, plus terms of parole and/or probation.

What We Provide

We provide you with:

  • USA nationwide and international background screening services

  • International background checks in over 160 countries

  • Secure online ordering & results

  • Easy to read reports

  • Two levels of guarantee: 100% accuracy & 100% correct identity*

  • Summary of criminal conviction details from actual court records

  • FCRA compliant background checks

  • Strict quality control of all data

  • No sign up fees

  • Highly secure SaaS platform

  • E-signatures

  • Mobile friendly background check functions

  • No software installation

  • Fully customizable solutions

  • Free annual training for your staff

  • Excellent & friendly service (“hands-on” file review)

  • 0 False Positive background results

  • 0 False Negative background results

No Cost Value Added Services

Infortal offers the following extra services at no cost:

  1. Double check all degree negatives: we do this before reporting any degree negatives to you
  2. Best Practices Employment Screening
  3. 100% guarantee accuracy
  4. 100% guarantee of correct identity
  5. Advisory in special complex cases
  6. Compliance with all U.S. federal, state and EU Data Privacy laws
  7. Critical Subject Matter Expertise
  8. Capabilities in over 160 countries
  9. Mobile SaaS platform access
  10. E-signatures of forms

*Note: Infortal is the only company in the Consumer Reporting Industry to offer two levels of guarantee.

CLE Accredited Courses

Infortal’s Differentiators

Our Record Stands for Itself

Infortal Worldwide has experienced zero FCRA challenges or actions, we have never been sanctioned and we have never been sued.  We have a stellar track record for over 35 years.

This is not a coincidence; we make sure you do not have to worry about the quality and accuracy of our results!

Our customer service level is extremely high and our attention to detail and ability to discuss your individual files with you take great effort, capability and training of our employees.

We are always here for you and we “have your back” all the time.

Trust – Integrity – Results

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