Business Impacts of War

It will come as no surprise that war is the worst possible scenario for any country and any international business.

The war in Ukraine highlights the kind of ultimate global economic and political disruption, as well as humanitarian crisis, war brings.

The loss of your capital and infrastructure, as well as supply chain disruptions and massive inflationary pressures are just the beginning of the destruction you can expect when war breaks out. Your labor force, assets, operations, reputations and supply chains all come under immense fire.

But if a war is going to break out, isn’t it inevitable? Aren’t businesses a bit helpless?

Geopolitical Risks War

Well, yes and no. If you can see a war coming in time, you can take active measures to limit the fallout and protect your business as well as your customers.

It takes extensive knowledge of geopolitical risks to accurately identify potential war risks to your entire value chain before they can wreck your business.

With the right warning indicators provided to you in advance by Infortal, war will almost never go unforeseen. These include political rhetoric, economic sanctions, civil disruptions, military movements or exercises, and more.

Most businesses mistakenly ignore such indicators, remaining overly optimistic that war will never break out until it does. And even if you do not have a company in the countries themselves that go to war, your business is still likely to be dramatically affected.

Your best way to protect yourself against any war is to proactively use Infortal’s geopolitical risk monitoring and analysis to ensure you can continue your business operations, reallocate your resources and reroute critical investments in the event war does break out.

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