How To Safeguard Your Business Against Acts of Terrorism

It may seem completely counterintuitive to suggest that anyone can “predict” a future act of terrorism, but the right geopolitical intelligence has the best chance to do just that.

By using real boots on the ground in a particular country or region, Infortal can identify the kinds of indicators that reveal whether or not your company is at risk for property loss, supply chain disruption or even loss of life from a terrorist incident.

Not only do we use our deep country and historical knowledge to inform you of any domestic or international terrorism risks, but we can learn a lot from investigating social media chatter, local propaganda, signs a terrorist group may be active in a region, and more.

If you’re about to acquire a company in a region with high terrorism risks, you’ll be looking at increased security costs, higher insurance rates, potential sabotage and a whole host of risks that could curtail your business.  Factories can be attacked, environmental groups can target your property, or you could find yourself a victim of unwanted terrorist financing if the proper due diligence isn’t done on your supply chain or business partners.

Whether it’s an actual terrorist attack having a direct impact on your business, violating anti-terrorist sanctions or preventing you from unwittingly providing material support to a terrorist group, it’s critical you know exactly who you are doing business with at all times.

It’s not enough to be up to speed on global terrorism watchlists (which Infortal can provide) because they only cover individuals who have already been flagged for something in the past.  You also need to protect yourself from those who have been politically exposed to be influenced by terrorism through things like bribery or corruption – a situation that will not show up on a watch list.

Being proactive as possible is the best way to keep yourself protected from all aspects of terrorism.  Continuous monitoring for terrorism risk by Infortal is the best way to prevent future risk incidents and minimize your long term risk exposures.

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