How To Prepare For The Next Arab Spring

Middle East And North Africa Uprisings

Inflation. Energy crises. Food shortages. War. These are all examples of the impact of social unrest.

The risk of social unrest is growing higher and higher in more than half of the world’s countries. So what does this mean for your business?

It means you need to plan ahead and make sure you understand your risk tolerance and have a plan in place to manage the potential hazards. A failure to do so means your business operations could be completely disrupted and the value of your company could plummet.

That makes it critical to gain as much advanced warning as possible. Infortal can provide you with accurate, timely information as potentially disruptive events occur in a country or region, so you have the tools in place to safely navigate the crisis.

Whether it’s tens of thousands taking to the streets in Brazil to protest government spending cuts, or nationwide protests in Venezuela, you could lose access to your business or suffer property damages. Your labor force could be dramatically impacted and your supply chain completely disrupted.

Infortal’s quality intelligence can provide you with early warning indicators that allow you to quickly act before any social unrest causes irreparable damage to your operations or profitability. You’ll have the time to relocate your supply chains, safeguard your assets, relocate personnel, and otherwise limit your liability.

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