It Is Important To Understand Sanctions Risks Especially By Third Parties.

Imagine you have been operating a highly successful restaurant chain in Russia for more than 30 years. Suddenly war breaks out as Russia invades Ukraine. And the economic sanctions put into place as a result of the war begin to cripple your business.

That’s exactly what happened to McDonald’s, who were forced to quit Russia after Moscow began its Ukraine operation. Some 62,000 employees were affected, along with hundreds of suppliers and distributors.

What would you do if your business operated in a country that suddenly has sanctions placed on it? What if you could know that sanctions are coming? How could your company take advantage if you knew they were about to be lifted?

A failure to capitalize on these scenarios could lead to a loss of capital, being forced to abandon your resources and infrastructure in a region, layoffs and financial devastation.

But the good news is that Infortal’s Geopolitical Roadmap can determine if sanctions will occur in a particular region, and how.

By combining our regional and country expertise, geopolitical knowledge, analysis of a country’s economic risks and profile, and the latest rumblings from policymakers, we can help you determine if your industry will be affected by any possible sanctions.

You must know who you’re actually doing business with if you want to avoid unwittingly violating sanctions that can lead to hefty fines, loss of stock value, civil liabilities and more. This is particularly important when partnering with new companies or third parties overseas.

Infortal can also help you determine if a particular person or enterprise has been sanctioned, which can be extremely difficult to determine if they carry a low profile. Many of these bad actors work through shell companies and enterprises, and the only way to know if you are violating sanctions by working with them is to conduct the right due diligence.

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