Are You Considering Overseas Investment or Entering a New Market? It Is Important To Assess The Risks Involved.

Imagine for a moment that you are interested in purchasing a manufacturing plant in Mexico.  Not only is it the perfect strategic location for your business because of its proximity to the United States, but the affordable labor costs, access to new capital and favorable exchange rate are the perfect competitive advantages for your business.

Sounds like a no brainer, right?  Not so fast.

Without the proper due diligence, you won’t have the best guidance on how to quickly navigate Mexico’s regulations and bureaucracy.  And you won’t know what areas and businesses are actually safe to expand into.  Cartels are diversifying their criminal activities to include the targeting of foreign companies for extortion and bribery and corruption are already a huge problem.

Expanding into Mexico is just one example of the many country risks you face any time you are considering entering into a business agreement or acquisition in a new market.

Let’s say you are a hotel chain that wants to open a hotel in Alexandria, Egypt but you are concerned with Egypt’s current political instability.  You can read news reports on what is happening there, but you will miss out on any warning indicators on what’s about to happen that could potentially destroy your investment.  With real-time geopolitical risk monitoring, you can reallocate resources, pull out of a deal doomed to fail, or adjust your strategies to weather the upcoming political or cultural storm before it’s too late.

Infortal can help you pick the best location for your business by giving you a thorough geopolitical risk assessment so you’re never going in blind.  Whether you need to assess supply chain risks in a particular region, conduct a merger or acquisition (M&A), or resolve a crisis that arose from a particular incident, our seasoned investigators will let you know what’s actually happening in that region currently and what it’s going to look like in the future. 

Unlike other intelligence agencies that simply synthesize the news and call it intelligence, Infortal triangulates expert opinions so you can be sure the country risk analysis you receive is not biased.  We then verify the data with actual boots on the ground intelligence in your country of interest.  

We’ll find out exactly who the people are that you’re about to do business with so you don’t get burned.  And we’ll overlay the political and economic country risk factors with on the ground business intelligence to make certain you receive any warning indicators well ahead of time.


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