How To Determine Manufacturing Risks In Advance

If you were one of Detroit’s major car manufacturers in the 1980’s, you were getting walloped by Japanese car companies.  The quality of US cars were not as good and they also had lower gas mileage, driving consumers to Japanese cars.

As it turned out, the major advantage Japan had over US car companies was a lean manufacturing process.  They were able to manufacture higher quality parts on a more efficient timeline, at a lower cost.  It was only by studying Japan’s manufacturing process firsthand that US car companies were finally able to turn things around and be competitive.

Improving your manufacturing process to outperform your competitors is just one example of how you can turn your manufacturing risks into lucrative opportunities with the right economic and business intelligence.  Whether your company is underperforming or you’d like to increase your market share, Infortal’s competitor analysis research can help.

Your manufacturing operations can also be affected by new regulations, labor laws or shortages, supply chain disruptions, the use of different manufacturing styles or technology, or more.  If you want to lower your chances that something could go wrong with your manufacturing operations, Infortal’s risk assessments can help you identify which aspects of your manufacturing process are most prone to risks as well as which kind. 

By consistently monitoring your human capital, logistics, raw materials, global footprint, and competitors, Infortal can identify where problems might come up for you and give you specific plans in place to address them.

Want to know what manufacturing risks might impact you down the road?  Infortal will help you see it coming from a mile away.  Dealing with an unexpected labor shortage because of the pandemic?  You’ll already have the strategies in place to mitigate the impact.

By managing your manufacturing operations risks right now, you’ll reduce the chances something can go wrong in the future.


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