Stay Ahead Of Laws & Regulations That Can Impact Your Business

What do you do if your legal team forewarns you about new regulatory laws in the works that could significantly alter the profitability of your business…

But you don’t know whether or not the new laws will actually pass?

How can you strategize ahead of time to mitigate any potential damage from legislative risks if you’re uncertain you’ll have to actually deal with such laws to begin with?

If you want to find out how laws will truly affect your business, then you don’t just need legal advice.  You need political and economic intelligence. It is critical to understand how laws are actually being enforced at the ground level. 

In fact, government affairs personnel will often misread whether or not a law will pass or be enforced because they are primarily focused on lobbying efforts.  And what is actually implemented on the ground is often very different from what was intended in the law to begin with.

In order to sort through all these possible legislative risks and impacts to your supply chain and company, boots on the ground intelligence that is localized to the regions and countries where the laws are being proposed is a necessity.

Infortal can help you determine the reality of any legislative impacts, whether dealing with proposed laws, newly implemented regulation risks, or how enforcement may change in the future.  That way you can be certain you’ll always be a step ahead before any laws actually take effect.


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