The #1 Strategy For Effective Due Diligence – OSINT

Did you know that 35% of the supply chain vendors for global corporations around the world have bribery and corruption related issues? And that most will never be detected until it’s too late?

Thankfully, there is a method for uncovering as much as 30% more information when investigating your business risks and geopolitical risks.

One that often produces hidden and undisclosed information that may be critical to a deal or regulatory compliance investigations such as those required under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

We start by using publicly available information available from courts, databases and aggregated data sources; this is where most companies stop and mistakenly think they have conducted satisfactory due diligence. Unfortunately they have identified fewer than 1% of the risks they should be finding.

Open source intelligence investigations (OSINT) and business intelligence further help to identify any risks and opportunities that may come in a new partnership or business transaction. Infortal uses OSINT to help you more effectively look into a company’s finances, management team, industry trends, and legal history, as well as bad press and other possible red flags. This type of investigation routinely identifies hidden and undisclosed information that may be key to protecting your hard-won business reputation. Business intelligence will yield even broader information such as the competitive landscape, political issues impacting the region or your industry, anti-competitive behavior, social unrest issues and myriad other concerns.

Our highly trained investigators can identify critical intelligence on both companies and executives in developing countries and high risk markets, where corruption is an everyday occurrence and there may be limited public data available.

Using OSINT we can quickly identify any negative press or reputational risks associated with a potential partner or acquisition by monitoring social media and online news sources. But we also take a deeper dive into the deep web, dark web and historical web to identify other issues that can cause serious harm to your business operations. This way you can take proactive measures to mitigate these risks, and even negotiate better terms or reject a deal entirely.

You can also use OSINT services to identify potential new opportunities for your business. You can gain valuable new insights into areas where you may be able to develop new products or services or expand your business by researching industry trends and following the activities of your competitors.

Infortal specializes in these investigations to spotlight issues and concerns that cannot be found through data aggregated sources alone. It’s only by looking at the big picture with publicly available information that you can truly gain valuable insights into potential partners, acquisitions, and industry-specific analysis. Use our OSINT services to better understand your risks and opportunities, comply with regulations, and make better strategic decisions moving forward.

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