Deep Dive and Deep Internet Due Diligence

Infortal helps companies to design best in class compliance due diligence programs involving a three tiered approach to effectively assess risk. We provide a highly cost-effective yet sophisticated review, combined with deep media review and deep internet searches, to yield far more accurate results than are found by most companies today.

Infortal finds that 35% of global corporations’ supply chain vendors have bribery related issues.

What is Basic Due Diligence?

Basic due diligence, often referred to as Tier 1,  includes a review of company financial information combined with review of 1000+ global watch lists providing a snapshot of individuals and businesses that may have regulatory violations, crimes such as money-laundering, or financial sanctions against them.

Basic due diligence investigations yield limited financial information, beneficial ownership information, and whether the company or executive has appeared on a global watch list for past issues including some cases of money laundering, bribery, corruption, anti-terrorism funding,etc.  However, this information may not yield current criminal activities, scandals, conflicts of interest and numerous other issues that have not yet been identified or prosecuted.

What is Deep Dive Due Diligence?

Infortal investigates the deep, dark and historical web using specialized OSINT techniques to yield key information not typically found during adverse keyword searches and other simple background check techniques.

We find that 35% of global supply chain companies have bribery related issues.

When additional issues are indicated then a deeper-dive investigation may be necessary.  The need for additional due diligence is first risk-weighted based on your corporation’s specific needs including overall risk priorities and exposure, size of deal/projects with that vendor, degree of country-risk and other business operational factors.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Due Diligence

Often we refer to two additional levels of deeper due diligence investigations globally: Tier 2 and Tier 3.  Deep web and deep media investigation provides intelligence well beyond that found in social media reviews, journals and newspaper articles.

The deep internet is around 500 times greater than the surface web accessed in typical search engine results. All investigative data is analyzed and cross-referenced to create highly effective due diligence assessments. Information is securely reported and the subject of the investigation is never contacted.

Actionable and Red Flag Results

Infortal uses the best technologies and extensive investigative analysis to deliver high quality, meaningful results with Actionable Recommendations™(tm), while helping clients reduce screening costs. Red flag issues are evaluated on a case by case basis to determine whether additional steps are needed.  Ongoing or continuous monitoring may be indicated in higher risk categories to prevent future risk incidents and minimize long term risk exposures.  This is essential in high growth, high risk markets.

Existing suppliers should be reviewed annually, or at least periodically, to track significant changes in supplier’s background.

Avoiding costly and unnecessary mistakes in business transactions is often key to successful operational outcome and optimal profitability.

We help you make sure your compliance teams have the information they need to make effective decisions in high risk markets especially before onboarding new suppliers.

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