Board Advisory Services

Protecting your corporation’s Board of Directors, shareholders and employees are essential in an effective global risk mitigation strategy. Routine screening boards of directors, vetting executive hires, global 3rd party agents and business acquisition entities is a Board Advisory function in most well-run businesses today.

The need for improved governance due to increased scrutiny and regulatory oversight have changed the operational risk exposure landscape substantially.

Mission Critical Risk Assessment

Infortal’s due diligence investigations yield mission critical information to determine whether an M&A deal, new investment, or executive hire have hidden or undisclosed risk factors. These factors may be pivotal in impacting deal size, investment basis or key negotiating points, or potentially cause unnecessary risk exposure and even brand damage to the corporation, its shareholders, and board of directors.

Complex corporate disputes, hostile takeovers, proxy fights, and the agenda of activist shareholders may be averted or diminished when sufficient information is known in advance or assessed at the time of engagement. Key intelligence and investigative insights can be used to prevent or diminish potential for reputational risk and brand damage in M&A and other transactions.

Investigating Hidden & Undisclosed Information

Executive due diligence, yielding results far beyond the scope of routine background checks, are essential in M&A deals, when hiring the best executive candidates, and to prevent PR nightmares.

Numerous adverse situations involving senior executives in recent years could easily have been avoided. Routine background checks will not reveal hidden information such as change of identity or second identity, undisclosed conflicts of interest, significant behavioral issues, and many other serious issues of concern when considering fiduciary duty.

Infortal investigates and analyzes hidden and undisclosed information which are key to optimizing business risk mitigation.

CLE Accredited Courses

New Board Member Backgrounds

Infortal recommends conducting a modified due diligence background on new board members plus continuous monitoring annually for exiting board members.  At a time when senior executives, board members, and even board Chairmen are coming under intense public scrutiny it is prudent to know if there are key issues  which may surface causing lasting reputational damage to the company.

Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 companies, including large retail, banks and high tech companies trust Infortal to make sure their risks are identified even at board levels.  Why risk unnecessary board level issues or financial and fiduciary exposures?

In over 30 years of experience, we find that 20% of executives have serious hidden and undisclosed issues in their backgrounds.

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