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Risk in your decision making!

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Global Risk Certificate

  • Global Risk Certificate which includes 4 courses as a package. 
  • No pre-requisites needed
  • One hour on demand courses; take them any time at your own pace. 
  • Courses fit easily into your schedule, take them at your pace.
Business Risk Decisions

Make informed decisions that protect your business.

Don’t let global risks catch you off guard. Our comprehensive courses will teach you how to use global risk in your decision making, so you can make informed choices that protect your business. Join our comfortable online setting and fit the courses into your busy schedule. Start learning today and stay ahead of the game.

Georisk Courses

Our Courses train you how to identify and protect your company from global risk exposure, for example:

  • Social Unrest
  • Energy Costs
  • Supply Chain Risk
  • Cyber Security Risks
  • AI Risks
  • Economic & Corporate Espionage
  • IP & Espionage Risk
  • Economic Intelligence

Learn About Global Risk on Your Schedule.

  • Make better business risk decisions with our on-demand one-hour courses.
  • Fit learning into your busy schedule and gain the skills you need to navigate global risks effectively.
  • Learn from leading experts in a comfortable online setting and make informed decisions that impact your business success.

Learn about Global Risks and how they affect your business risk decisions!